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About Yuki

Yuki is a family-owned restaurant in Austin, Texas, born from friendship and a shared passion for Japanese cuisine. Chef Jun Kim and Chef Hyo Im both left their culinary careers behind and found themselves working together in various Texas restaurants.

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As they worked side by side, their friendship grew, and they discovered a mutual love for Japanese cuisine. Inspired by handroll bars in Japan, they dreamt of bringing this unique culinary experience to Austin.


Fueled by their passion and the desire to fulfill their dream, Chef Kim and Chef Im became co-partners. With their combined three decades of culinary experience, they had the knowledge and expertise to navigate this new endeavor. However, they knew they needed someone with strong business acumen, and that's where John and Ben, a family-operated business partner, stepped in.


John and Ben, with their natural leadership skills, became an integral part of the team. Together, they brought Yuki Handroll Bar to life—a haven for food enthusiasts and culinary adventurers nestled in the heart of Austin.

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